A Choice at Last
Why JD Hayworth must replace John McCain as Arizona's Senator
March 25, 2010

Once every six years, when it's reelection time, John McCain comes home to Arizona to try to forge a believable set of conservative credentials. His ads say: "Arizona's last line of defense" and "Character matters".

But once he's safely re-elected he de-morphs back into John McCain the maverick who is clearly a progressive and clearly disinterested in what his grass roots constituents want.

Virtually the only conservative credential that John McCain can claim with any consistency is a bias against budget deficits which he miss-characterizes as a stand against spending, earmarks, etc. It is actually a clever ruse that allows him to claim he's a conservative while taking no meaningful action to actually reduce the size of government or even restrain its growth.

You have to have been in a lifelong coma not to know that government will always spend its revenue to the last penny and find demands for more, which it will either raise taxes or borrow to fund. John McCain knows this and it's why he was against the Bush tax cuts, as he said, until "we did something"  about the deficit.

He is not against increasing government spending. He is for expanding the regulatory state. He is not for defending the Constitution, he sees it as an impediment to his vision of his power. Justice Anthony Kennedy writing for the majority in Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission, said "We find no basis for the proposition that, in the context of political speech, the government may impose restrictions on certain disfavored speakers," and "The court has recognized that First Amendment protection extends to corporations.". John McCain responded that he was "disappointed" when some of his unconstitutional infringements on your free speech rights were overturned.

Here are a few of McCain's activities that a true conservative would not have sponsored:

  1. Most recently, McCain-Dorgan, a Bill to regulate vitamins under the FDA. (A humorous look here.)
  2. McCain-Lieberman "Gunshow Loophole bill".
  3. McCain Kennedy Amnesty bill.
  4. McCain-Feingold infringement of free speech.
  5. Inserted a poison pill in a bill to return free speech rights to the pulpit ultimately leading to its withdrawal
  6. Joined Al Gore's Global Warming  and Carbon Tax crusade. (See here and here.)
  7. Reaching across the aisle to Democrats to create and move Progressive legislation.
  8. Recommended Granting Geneva Convention rights to terrorists: "Even Adolf Eichmann got a trial." (See paragraphs 5 and 6 here.)

Anything McCain has done that was genuinely conservative,  the reliably conservative JD Hayworth would have done. Any truly conservative accomplishments that McCain might make if re-elected, the reliably conservative JD Hayworth will do without requiring some sacrifice of your principles and/or ethics to get him to do it.

Those things that infuriate conservatives that McCain has done and will continue to do if he's reelected, JD Hayworth will not do after he's elected. And if JD "reaches across the aisle" it won't be to drag the rest of the Republicans leftward, it will be to bring the Democrats back toward the center.

Obama and the progressive-socialist Democrats have just forced their Leftist agenda on an American populace that is more than two-thirds opposed. John McCain has seen the resulting wave of anger and, cynical as ever, he hopes to ride the wave to relection telling you he is fighting like a tiger on your behalf.

Keep in mind when you hear his ads, that John McCain has been in the Senate for four terms. While none of his bills listed above ran to thousands of pages, many of them were as unconstitutional and all of them were as poisonous to our freedoms as Obama's health care bill. John McCain is a leader among those progressive Republicans that squandered the gains of the Conservative movement and the Reagan legacy and helped lay out the red carpet for Barack Obama. John McCain is part of the problem. He's not part of the solution.

It's time for change all right. It's time to elect JD Hayworth and turn McCain out to pasture for a well deserved retirement.