Conservatives, Come Home
October 8, 2009

In the last election Americans handed nearly total control of their government to the Democratic Party. The election will stand prominently in history because the country elected its first black president. The Democratic Party will share that prominence because the country's first black president was a Democrat. The Democrats want to further secure their place in history and their hold on power by taking the American Way of Life on a radical turn to the Left. They don't care that the majority of the country is opposed to their plan and they appear willing to exercise every trick in their play book to make it happen.

Americans watching all this play out are increasingly enraged at both major political parties. On the one hand they see the Democrats pressing ahead without regard to their letters, faxes, emails and phone calls. On the other hand they see a few Republicans with the temerity to call a lie for what it is, being reprimanded by emasculated Republicans who are too timid to express anything but quiet dismay at their own powerlessness.

Unity, inclusiveness, moderate, centrist, all are words meant to emasculate, neuter and marginalize conservatives, i.e. most people. Most people want to be left alone to live their lives. Most people don't want or need a government handout because: Most people don't want busybodies in government sticking their noses into every corner of their lives. Most people don't want government taking what they earn with their hard work and giving it to people who sit and wait for their welfare check or to bail out businesses that take imprudent risks. And most people don't want government telling them what they can say, or see, or hear or read, or buy or sell. The busybodies in both major political parties who want government to do what most people don't want it to do call themselves progressives.

Republicans claiming to be fiscally conservative and socially "moderate" or "progressive" can still be found in the elite levels of the Republican Party. Although we have increasing numbers of good Republican conservatives in office, it is mostly Republican progressives that Americans have seen in action since Reagan left office. They tried mightily to block Ronald Reagan's nomination but his personality and his message reinforced each other and together with everyday Americans he overwhelmed them. He started a revolution that began a long overdue reversal of the creeping Statism that has done so much damage to America. He gave the Republican Party a new brand and a winning philosophy. Progressive Republicans know how to speak conservative words but by definition can't believe the conservative message. After Reagan left office the progressives went back to advancing their Statist agenda and squandered the Reagan conservative legacy. Americans are not happy with the Republican Party today and neither are we at the grass roots of the Party.

Most people are mad as Hell at both political parties because they see both parties doing in government exactly what they don't want government to do. Republicans didn't lose in 2008 because they were too conservative. They lost to the Democrats because most people couldn't tell the difference. We grass roots conservatives in the Republican Party want to fix that. Republican Progressives are telling us that we're "divisive" and that we should come together, in "unity" with them. Unity may be a desirable commodity but nobody seeks unity with a losing team.

America will not be looking for timid, "progressive" Republicans in 2010. We are going to want rock-ribbed conservatives with a clear understanding of what is meant by The American Way of Life and the courage and fortitude to boldly restore it from the damage previously done by progressive Republicans and now being doubled down on by Democrats. Republicans with "moderate" or "progressive" anywhere in their self description or past actions need not apply.

Once upon a time your race, religion or national origin permitted or excluded you from churches, clubs, lunch counters, bus seats, restrooms and water fountains. Americans decided that was wrong and that the only thing that should matter is your character and what you believe in. The Republican Party was on their side and the word 'inclusive' meant just that. You could be anybody and still be a Republican as long as you believed in Republican Principles. Progressive, moderate Republicans redefine words like 'unity', and 'inclusive' in order to burrow themselves into the heart of the party. To them, 'inclusive' means that what they believe in shouldn't matter to you. You should just act and do as they say.

As precinct committeemen, we are the only publicly elected officials in the Republican Party. We are first and foremost committed to a Republican Party that effectively represents the interests of the conservative Americans that voted for us. We are most definitely not a rubber stamp for the whims and muses of the elites at the top of the Party. They may wear an "R" on their sleeve, they may have been elected to their office by the people but they were not elected to run the Republican Party and if current polls are any indicator, they aren't doing a very good job advancing the interests of Republican voters. We take a major part in the job of finding good Republican candidates for office and we cannot, will not, be silent when we see someone holding office as a Republican who is acting against Republican principles.

If you are a disenchanted conservative who is thinking of leaving the Republican Party or one who has already left, please know that we need you to stay with us or to come back. Ronald Reagan wasn't perfect but he was the only principled conservative president in living memory. Reagan won two landslide elections despite the same progressive moderates in the Republican Party who said then that the conservative message would fail and say the same thing today.

Our Founders studied every form of government known to man and created a system implementing the best elements and building in safeguards against the return of the worst. So-called Progressives have been chipping away at those safeguards ever since. Like most Americans, we Conservatives believe in the country our Founders gave us and we want to keep it. We are taking our party back from the progressives. With your help, instead of a choice between losing liberty faster or slower we can look forward to regaining our liberty. C'mon home. Help us make it happen.