Who's Responsible?
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are you responsible and accountable for your own actions?

If you drink too much alcohol and then get into your car and run someone over, whose fault is it?
1. Is it the fault of the distiller that made the boose you drank?
2. Is it the fault of the checkout clerk at the store where you bought it?
3. Is it the fault of the person you ran over for being in the street at the same time you happened to be weaving past?
4. Or is it your fault?

Today it seems the blame must be shared. The answer is: All the the above.

The same thing goes for guns. And corrupt politicians.

Criminals use guns to harm individuals and society. Therefore, pass laws making it difficult or impossible for individuals to obtain guns. The obvious problem is that criminals don't obey laws. The result is that most mass murders occur in gun-free zones.

Politicians may be corrupted by campaign contributions. Therefore to protect the politician, we must limit everyone's ability to support the politician of their choice. In today's world speech is impossible without money if you want to reach more than a few people but it is more important to protect the politician than to protect the people's right to speech.

John McCain is behind some of the worst enacted or proposed laws in both these areas.

Today John McCain said this about the Illinois Governor scandal: "This kind of thing doesn't help, this, in these kinds of difficult economic times, so I would hope that he would, uh, resign but um we also look, ought to look at systems that breed this kind of corruption and uh, unfortunately isn't confined to one city or one state." (Emphsis added.

Governor Blagojevich may be guilty, but in John McCain's heart and mind, the system is also guilty of corrupting him.

You are the system. Your rights must be limited so that another poor innocent politician doesn't fall prey to the corrupting influence of the system.

By the way, John McCain wants your support to help him regain control of the Republican Party in Arizona.