Keeping it Real
September 22, 2005

Back when Walt Disney was making those original marvelous cartoons, Bambi for example, he would always include a scene that would tug at your heart-strings. Who doesn't remember Bambi's mother dying, or when "Pa" had to shoot Old Yeller? He said his purpose was to imitate life and in real life, even in the midst of the greatest happiness, one may find reason for tears.

That was kind of a backwards analogy but to "keep it real" about John McCain we have to admit that, scattered in among all of the things he says and does that incite us to the greatest anger, he occassionally says, and only too occasionally does, something with which we can agree.

Endorses Bush for Reelection

In an ad released July 5, (2004) the Bush campaign features Sen. John McCain speaking of "this war" as "a fight between good and evil" as he glowingly endorsed Bush in Fort Lewis, Washington last month.
We find no factual misstatements in the ad; McCain is mostly expressing opinions. The ad could confuse some voters -- McCain's reference to "this war" is about the broad fight against terrorism, not just about the war in Iraq. In fact, McCain has criticized Bush's handling of the Iraq war -- and his tax cuts as well. But McCain has set aside his differences with Bush and, as this ad fairly states, is endorsing him for re-election.

From the Annenberg Political Fact Check. Click here for the Full Article.

The Gang of Fourteen

... Still, in spite of what all the conservative pundits are saying – including Rush Limbaugh, Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, Thomas Sowell – we did not get rolled in Monday’s deal with the Democrats. As a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite. The Democrats have been taken to the cleaners…only they don’t know it yet!
The problem is that no one – including our side - is looking at the big picture. What actually happened as a result of this deal is that, for all practical purposes, the filibuster as a means to obstruct judicial nominees is dead!
Click here for the Full Article.

Federal Spending
  Only a few years after significant budget surpluses, the fiscal year (FY) 2003 deficit hit $374.8 billion. A few lone lawmakers tried to make a difference by raising attention to runaway federal spending and the nation's growing fiscal predicament. Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Russ Feingold (D-WI), and Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO) are a few notable examples, but their efforts were squashed when Congress burned the budgetary candle at both ends by passing record spending increases and cutting federal revenue to a level we have not seen since the 1950s.   Full Article

Here it must be noted, he voted against both Bush tax cuts, evidently feeling, (he said something to the effect), that he could only agree to cutting taxes after the Republicans first got control of spending.

An Invitation to McCain's People here in Phoenix or Washington (September 22, 2005)

Ok guys, I'm really trying to be fair and balanced here. This is the website of the Republican Club in John McCain's home district in Arizona. He is one of our fellow Republican Precinct Committeemen. But I have spent many hours searching the internet for stuff a genuinely conservative Republican would find positive about the Senator and it wasn't pretty.

I googled things like "party line vote" +"John McCain" and "conservative values" +"John McCain" and "second amendment" +"John McCain" and Alaska +oil +"John McCain". I found lots of McCain quotes, especially here, and they run about 50/50 conservative. But then talk is just talk.

The only actual conservative accomplishments, ie. bills or votes, I could find are listed above. I found evidence of a lot of accomplishments that are not at all pleasing to a conservative. As for the above accomplishments, time will tell if the Gang of Fourteen deal was actually a good thing from a conservative point of view. And his complaint about runaway spending was countered by his opposition to tax cuts, now there's tortured logic for you.

So here's your chance. Point me to something good. Point me to a bunch of somethings good. You can use the feedback form on this site. If it's for real and not just spin I'll put it up in place of this invitation. If it's spin and I put it up, I'll hear about it until my mailbox sinks under the weight. And I'll have to put the best of that up here too.

You're on.

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