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Traditional Republicans United
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A political party cannot be all things to all people.
It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised
to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.

I don ‘t know about you, but I am impatient with those Republicans who after the last election rushed into print saying, “We must broaden the base of our party”—when what they meant was to fuzz up and blur even more the differences between ourselves and our opponents.

From Let Them Go Their Way Ronald Wilson Reagan's Speech to CPAC, March 1, 1975 - Washington D.C.

The GOP Establishment Elite never liked Reagan.
Now they don't like the Tea Party.
Both have exposed glaring GOP Establishment deficiency.
Bill Whittle puts it into words as only he can.


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You may have heard of a group, a sort of brotherhood-of-believers called Republicans For Janet that's featured here in Arizona during election cycles. We would refer you to Janet Napolitano's website where they were once proudly listed but that webpage was removed from view long ago.

Fortunately or perhaps not so fortunately, putting something on the WEB and then trying to remove it is sort of like trying to remove pee from your swimming pool. Once it's in there, it's in there or in this case out there.

Here is a screenshot put together from the relevant pages. And, unlike our President's recent birth certificate, it's not been Photoshopped.
The Tea Party has been called every bad name in the Liberal/Progressive Book of bad names so it's about time someone described what they actually believe. Here in seven segments of nine minutes each is what you've been waiting for:

1. Small Government and Free Enterprise
2. The Problem with Elitism
3. Wealth Creation
4. Natural Law
5. Gun Rights
6. Immigration
7. American Exceptionalism

The Chamber of Commerce assembled 61 business leaders to sign a plea to Arizona State Senators to stand down on further anti-Illegal immigration legislation. Five bills went down in flames as nine Republicans acquiesced and joined Democrats in voting against the legislation.

The plea expressed fears of further business loss evoking memories of the backlash in the wake of SB 1070. Open Borders advocates will no doubt be encouraged by the woe business leaders now admit resulted from the boycotts. The second rationale behind the plea to stand down was of course that our dependable Federal Government is stepping up to handle the issue. The fact that very little was ever done until Arizona took up the issue with SB 1070 was conveniently left out.

That the Chamber of Commerce can step into the Senate with a weakly reasoned request, its strongest point being the 61 signatures, and summarily over rule the needs of tax paying constituents leaves the Party grass roots smarting. Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rob Haney responds here.

Results of the 2011 Straw Poll from the MCRC Statutory Meeting
Rob Haney bids for another term as Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

Dear Political Activists:

I have attached a letter and BIO in reference to my reelection as Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman on January 8.

As I see it, the most significant difference between my opponent and me is that I believe, as precinct committeemen and officers in the Republican Party, that we not only have the freedom to speak to policy issues but the responsibility and obligation to do so. This is especially true when we believe the policy would do serious harm to the Party and Country. Witness what is going on in Congress right now.

Another significant difference between my opponent and me is my time in service to the Party and experience in Party leadership positions.

In his letter to PCs, my opponent urges us to stay away from taking positions on policy. In essence, he repeats the hierarchical position that our job is only to recruit new members and candidates, stay in contact with and energize the base, and inform the public. I disagree.

Representatives have an obligation to their constituency. Support from the base to the representative is not a one way street. When our representative sponsors legislation which is favored by Democrats and opposed by the majority of Republicans, who is left to represent the grassroots and oppose the legislation? The only people left are Republican activists who, in all probability, are PCs or grassroots leaders in officer capacities.

I believe the Republican Party should be a grassroots-up directed party, not a top-down directed Party. The hierarchy and grassroots should function as a team to advance legislation in support of the Constitution and Platform. When legislation is sponsored by our representatives in opposition to the Constitution and Platform and without addressing the concerns of the base, the team concept breaks down and disunity results.

Like most Constitutional conservatives, I am not accustomed to favorable media reviews. However, it pleased me that the AZ Capitol Times in Dec. 2008, referred to me as the man seen as the leader of Arizona's Grassroots Republican Movement. In order to continue this effort, I ask for your vote on January 8.


Rob Haney
Maricopa County Republican Committee

December 26, 2010
If you’re a newcomer to the ranks of Republican Party Precinct Committeemen you may or may not have picked up yet on some of the political undercurrents within the Party. For certain you will be hearing a lot about “Unity” as the County and State Party elections approach. The question to ask is: "Unify behind what, or whom?" more...

TRUGOP Home Page

A Source for Arizona's Conservatives, this site is intended to provide information and tools necessary to become and stay informed.

On this site, we try to consolidate up to date information useful to those who would resist the encroachment on liberty, family and culture that is everywhere evident in growing government power, increasing bureaucratic regulation and a return to confiscatory taxation.

We are traditional Reagan Republicans. That means that we strongly disagree with what the "smart money" says that the way for the Republicans to win elections is to appeal to a wider range of voters, including minorities, by abandoning the Ronald Reagan kinds of positions and supporting more of the kinds of positions that Democrats use to get elected...

Ronald Reagan won two elections in a landslide by being Ronald Reagan-- and, most important of all-- explaining to a broad electorate how what he advocated would be best for them and for the country. Newt Gingrich likewise led a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives by explaining how the Republican agenda would benefit a wide range of people.

Neither of them won by pretending to be Democrats. It is the mushy "moderates"-- the "kinder and gentler" Bush 41, Bob Dole and John McCain-- who lost disastrously, even in two cases to Democrats who were initially very little known, but who knew how to talk.

(Italicized text taken from Thomas Sowell's June 23, 2009 essay, Republicans in the Wilderness)


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