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John McCain

Our Maverick Senator from Arizona

McCain has been a U.S. Senator from Arizona since 1987,
winning re-election in 1992, 1998, and 2004.

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What's Good
What's Not So Good
What's happening
As President, He May Prevent the ignominy the Democrats inflicted on us post Viet Nam.
An Honorable Man in his Private Life
The U.S. stands at a fiscal crossroads The yawning gulf between the viewpoints of Mr. McCain and those of Clinton and Obama on the critical issue of the steady collapse of our government's financial house.
It's late 2009 and John McCain is stumping his vision for the Republican Party. Hear Tom DeLay's take on what McCain's already done for the Republican Party .
McCain-Feingold, what could've been his rocket to the White House.
When you play for both sides, history can be your most implacable enemy.
What's Happened to John McCain? This question was asked by the NRA in America's 1st Freedom July 2001 issue. Yes, July, 2001 is almost six years ago, but now that he wants to be President, it bears a careful review!
McCain on North Korea Nukes Barry Young said today (Oct. 11, 2006) on KFYI here in Phoenix: "When John McCain gets it wrong he gets it very, very wrong but when he gets it right he gets it very, very right." He was referring to what John McCain said yesterday in Southfield Michigan about North Korea's attempted nuclear test and the Dem's trying yet again to "blame Bush".
What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" doesn't he understand? Words and actions, proceeding in opposite directions.
Campaign finance reform is what it pretends to combat: corruption.
The Free Market Shouldn't Be Just For The Economy I was for free speech before I was against it.
What do the letters JBL and MSJ have in common? Politics from the Pulpit? Over my dead body.
McCain's Constitution by George Will ...How to hold two simultaneous, conflicting beliefs.
Rights for Terrorists "...even Adolf Eichmann got a trial."
Taking the GOP in for a McMakeover. As the country rebels against Obama's turn to the Left, McCain fears the Republican Party might move to the Right.
9/23/09 Things could be worse. Glenn Beck explains something "progressive" Republicans can never understand that Conservatives "know in their bones".
Shared Guilt Rod Blagojevich, it's not all his fault.
McCain's Campaign Finance Revelation Draped in the chains he designed for others...
McCain Campaign Is Dealt New Blow as Media Team Resigns
Firms Tied to Campaign Manager received 10% of McCain's budget
Behind McCain Adviser's Exit His fall, Republicans say, is a measure of the trouble Mr. McCain now finds himself in.
McCain Loses Key Aides Amid Fund-Raising Woes. But Mr. McCain's problems go deeper than money or personnel.
Money Slip Hurts McCain Bid ... acknowledged the fallout from Mr. McCain's high-profile advocacy for the recent failed immigration-reform package...
Free Speech Gets Another Day in Court: The freedom to engage in this political speech is set out clearly in the First Amendment, and BCRA's strict limitation on issue advocacy of any kind during campaign season is a fundamental assault on its spirit and intent. From the WSJ April 24, 2007.



...a unifying theory of all things McCain, by Dean Barnett writing on the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.

More Detail Than You Ever Wanted (In the interest of fairness, we link to his website.)

Summary of Leftward Leanings A multi-page handout in .pdf format.

Summary of Conservative Accomplishments

Resolution of Shame and Censure by District 11

Resolution passed by Executive Guidance Committee of Maricopa County






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